Statement Ceilings

Forget Accent walls, Statement Ceilings are having a serious moment this year. This trend makes use of the ‘fifth wall’ and brings a whole new dimension to the room.

It has the ability to transform a space from top to bottom, giving a room its personality and adventure.

How many times have we given a thought to the ceilings in an otherwise colourful room? Fibi suggests keep your matte white paint away and let’s bring drama to the ceilings.

Statement ceilings could be achieved with paint, textured finish, wallpaper, wood, mural patterns or simply mirrors.

Whether it’s a dramatic wallpaper pattern drawing the eyes upwards, a subtle texture making the ceilings feel taller and grandeur, a sleek lacquered paint stealing the show from metallic finishes or wooden treatment creating rustic elegant look,

Statement ceilings serve as the room’s focal point.

Keeping the walls plain in colour and opting to make the show of a ceiling is a fantastic way to bring a sense of uniqueness to a room. They can bring extreme high ceilings down to a more comfortable and closer space.

If you are brave enough to embrace this trend or looking for a subtle twist to add interest to your room, get in touch with our team.


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