Chepstow Road

This on going project has definitely been one of our highlighted projects and in some way quite challenging also. Working closely with our well-travelled clients’ personal taste and some pre-owned interior pieces, Fibi Interiors had to find a way to create a new feel in the space by upholstering,  re-using and re-positioning certain pieces.

Our client, a recognised Hypnotherapist has an extremely hectic schedule which we have had to work around by working on the project in phases. We began the project by styling her living area and kitchen and are gradually moving up within the 3 story property. Currently moving onto the hallway and bedrooms and finally, the garden area. 

A budget was not set for this budget which means that we’ve been able to spend on quality filled and elegant pieces.   Our client is a huge fan of original pieces from the 1960’s-80’s era with a touch of modernism… extremely timeless style.



Skills Interior styling & up-cycling