Lines in the space

Did you know that the way you choose to emphasis the direction of lines will determine the mood you want to create?

The form of a line creates a sense of direction and feeling of a design.

Vertical lines suggest a feeling of strength, balance and height. They draw the eye upwards, creating a more formal atmosphere. On the other hand horizontal lines tend to create a restful, informal feeling. They draw the eye across and work well in casual rooms. Diagonal lines suggest a feeling of movement and direction; too many diagonals may create a feeling of unrest. However, curved lines have a softening, graceful effect and suggest movement and rhythm.

It is important to first analyse the space and decide what we want to create and how we want people to feel about the space. If we want to enhance the height we may use vertical lines but if we want to lower the ceiling we may go for horizontal lines.  Structural elements, applied finishes, even lighting can all be applied to create strong lines within a space.


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