Leafy and Lovely

Living interiors! Heading from last year, this trend has completely absorbed and influenced a conscious sense of living in 2018. It’s one of the biggest trends of the year and definitely sure to stay for a really long time.

Aesthetically speaking, an ornately patterned Calathea flourishing its broad leaves, a tiny English ivy with falling trails or a Boston fern arching its fronds, every plant reserves its own special palette and beauty.

Pop them into beautiful pots and add an instant color and glam to the greenery.

And when it comes to Wellness in interiors, what’s a better way than adding plenty of lush and energizing greens. Plants absorb harmful chemicals, purify air and are believed to inject more productivity and creativity in our lives. They are excellent in reducing stress and provide a peaceful sense of wellbeing.

Fibi envisions plants as a form of art. It could be spectated as a vertical green wall in your living room, floor and shelving pieces in your office, kokedama hanging in your kitchen or a terrarium on a coffee table. Layering plants in different heights and sizes create sculptured and patterned statements.

In addition, it’s not just plants themselves, it’s an inspiration they bring. Botanical prints, wallpapers, fabrics and pottery, they all add therapeutic and a nurturing environment to the space.

Fibi recommends a few sources to check out. Patch provides a great resource to buy indoor plants, giving you insight into each of their benefits. Add some charm to your space with glamourous pots from Mia Fleur and extravagant wallpapers from Photowall. Bring  your garden to your kitchen with beautiful tableware from  Bordallo Pinheiro and Portmeirion

To style your space with lots of fresh glamour and beauty, fill out your details on our Contact page, Fibi interiors will help to bring nature to your home!


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