The Fibi Interiors Maison

We are Fibi Interiors, a dynamic and luxury interior design and styling team based in London, Notting Hill. Known for creating bold and timeless spaces, we started out as a recommendation only service and have grown our client base through word of mouth.

The services we offer are tailored to suit busy cookies, long-term let landlords, aspirational individuals/couples and growing families with new or existing homes who simply do not have the time and possibly creative skills to focus on the interiors side of life.

At Fibi’s we are committed to providing an end to end service, helping each client maximise the full potential of their chosen area in correlation to the set budget. We help you to avoid costly design mistakes, save you heaps of time and create THE perfect sanctuary for you. Having natural design eyes and flare for enhancing spaces allows us to deliver seamless and extraordinary results for each Fibi client.

Creating Dream Spaces

Why hire Fibi Interiors?


We will help you step away from commonality as we inject new spirit into each area we work on whilst focusing on your interior desires. Not only do we create exceptional spaces but we also simplify the process of designing your sublime home and help you to save time as well as money, all at once. 

Trading with over 200 recognised interiors suppliers also allows us to give you access to incredible prices on all interior products from furniture to accessories… Ohh and not to mention, the value of your property will increase after we’ve given your space the Fibi touch.

Let us create your new home and improve your quality of life today! Feel free to drop us a call, email or simply fill in the form on our contact page and a member of our team will be in touch. 

We love what we do!


“Every interior should reflect the spirit of the individual(s) who live in it. Understanding a persons lifestyle and personality to create a space through colours, patterns, forms and objects is a fascinating process! Interior styling is about creating spaces filled by an ambience of beauty, nostalgia and sense of belonging” – Interior Stylist